About Us

Since our inception 45 years ago, our mission statement has always been “Performing the best in wind band literature.” We are dedicated to promoting the wind band as a serious art medium, through the performance of challenging, high-quality repertoire. We have developed 
a strong reputation, and augmented it with our standards of excellence in performing, musician’s experience, and bolstering the aspirations of young music students. 

We have become one of Edmonton’s most important community resources in the field of music education, and a strong Canadian ambassador abroad. Edmonton’s music community has shaped our direction, and we have contributed to the community in return. Our membership is made up of accomplished musicians from all walks of life, including school teachers, professional composers, performing, or teaching musicians, university professors, advanced university students, and business professionals. We have been featured throughout Alberta, at music conventions, festivals, and conferences including Music Conference Alberta, the Cantando Festival, the Alberta International Band Festival and the 2000 International Society of Music Educators (ISME) conference. As well, in 2017 we were awarded with a City of Edmonton Citation Award for our involvement in the Edmonton music community. 

Most recently, we performed at the 2022 World Association of Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (WASBE) in Prague, Czechia. We were honoured 
to be invited for the second time following our WASBE debut in San Jose, California in 2015. Only a few wind ensembles worldwide get this opportunity and it’s a milestone in our history. We are proud of our rich past, and the lifelong network of relationships and camaraderie that we have built. Our history is filled with musical excellence, a strong belief in music education, and the promotion of Canadian talent.

The Edmonton Winds is a registered non-profit charity and is governed by a volunteer executive and board of directors drawn from members of the ensemble.

Our Mission & Vision

The Edmonton Winds’ vision is a community that recognizes, appreciates, and participates in wind band music as an important, valuable, and exciting contribution to the arts.  

We will create and sustain an ensemble of accomplished local wind band musicians that:  

  • Perform a range of music at a recognized professional standard  
  • Provide professional development for local wind band musicians through workshops and guest artists  
  • Mentor emerging performers, conductors, composers, and arrangers of wind band music  
  • Celebrate excellence in local wind band musicians  
  • Collaborate with wind bands in the Edmonton region to foster a cohesive, supportive family of wind band musicians and connect our community to the national and international community of wind band musicians  
  • Advocate for the awareness, appreciation, and support of the arts in our community